Schmitz not only focusses on the collections of scrap created by producers of virgin foams. We also support them by cooperating with them collecting scrap from their customers. With this we support their Corporate Social Responsibility program.

We truly believe only companies putting serious effort in corporate social responsibility, can create sustainability and growth. Therefore we accept responsibilities and contributes to solve international social issues. Re-use and recycling are important pillars under a sustainable society in which raw material chains are being connected and the economy becomes circular.

The better we do this, the better the decrease of CO2 emissions. At Schmitz we take care of the optimal re-use of large volumes XPE scrap. We do this with such commitment that we realize a recycling rate of 100%. To protect the environment strict laws and regulations have been entered. The very specific structures within Schmitz helps us to closely follow these.

sustainable solution for xpe scrap