Since 1990 we give XPE foam residues a second life…and with success!

Suppliers with whom we have a longterm relationship already, value our expertise and proactive approach in finding customized solutions upon specific market requests and demands. from our suppliers. Irrespective the offered quantity of XPE foam residues, our suppliers  profit from our size being the largest processor of XPE foam residues in the world and our 30 years’ built expertise.

Schmitz offers a (in our branch) very unique ‘total care service’ including collection solutions and unique processing of XPE scrap.

We would like to cooperate to offer you our customized ideal solution!









Left: Schmitz plant in Roermond – The Netherlands, Right: Schmitz plant Coldwater – United States (MI)

Schmitz B.V. was founded in 1935, with a focus on the processing of closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam (XPE) residues since 1990. Unique concepts in collecting, hauling and reworking of XPE scrap characterize the company. Since our development of this process, much experience has been gained with this very specific material on an effective, efficient, but also clean and sustainable way.

Dozens of large foam producers and foam converters spread over Europe and the United States, recognize the added value Schmitz has to offer. Throughout the years Schmitz has become the largest processor of XPE scrap in the world.